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Ready. Set. Boost.

Sprint Booster - The original!

Since the inception of drive-by-wire technology, drivers have been disappointed with the inherent throttle delay associated with the system.

This is why Boulekos Dynamic developed Sprint Booster and proudly brought the product to the market in 2005.

SPRINT BOOSTER v.3 - Ultimate Control

Discover the new Sprint Booster which improves throttle response providing instant acceleration, with new Special features :

  • 3 Acceleration modes

  • 36 Acceleration programs (18 manual & 18 auto)

  • Pedal lock mode

  • Valet mode

  • Ultra compact size / New Design

  • Up to 3 microprocessors

  • Plug n play installation

  • What is Sprint Booster?
    Sprint Booster is a device designed to improve throttle response in vehicles equipped with Electronic Throttle Control (ETC) systems, commonly known as drive-by-wire technology. It aims to eliminate throttle delay and enhance acceleration by altering the signals sent to the Electronic Control Module (ECM).
  • How does Sprint Booster work?
    Sprint Booster measures and modifies the digital signals from the ETC's potentiometer, providing the ECM with a new signal for improved acceleration. It offers three acceleration modes: OFF, SPORT, and RACE, each with different levels of throttle response enhancement.
  • What are the features of Sprint Booster?
    Plug and play installation: No need to cut wires or interfere with the car's electronics. Compatibility with all ETC-equipped cars. Three acceleration modes: OFF, SPORT, and RACE, with corresponding LED indicators. Nine-step programs within each mode for customizable throttle response. Pedal Lock mode for extra security and Valet mode for limiting acceleration. Transmission-specific programs for optimal function and performance.
  • What are the benefits of using Sprint Booster?
    Reduced throttle response time, especially at low revs. Almost zero delay in acceleration during gear changes and mid-range driving. Enhanced response for downshifts and safer overtaking maneuvers. Overall improvement in driving safety and enjoyment.
  • Is Sprint Booster compatible with all types of transmissions?
    Yes, Sprint Booster offers specific programs for both manual and automatic transmissions. The device automatically adjusts its programs based on the type of transmission selected by the driver.
  • How does the Pedal Lock mode work?
    Pedal Lock mode allows the driver to deactivate the vehicle's acceleration ability when stationary by entering a 3-digit PIN. This feature enhances security against unauthorized vehicle use.
  • What is the Valet mode and how does it function?
    Valet mode limits the vehicle's acceleration by 55% to 75%, depending on the selected level, and is activated or deactivated using a 3-digit PIN. This feature reduces the vehicle's performance to prevent misuse while in the care of valets or others.
  • Can the Sprint Booster settings be customized?
    Yes, the driver can select from nine different programs within each mode to adjust throttle response according to their preferences. Each program offers a 3-6% adjustment in response.
  • Where is the Sprint Booster installed in the vehicle?
    Sprint Booster connects to the accelerator pedal connector without the need for any modifications to the car's wiring or electronics. It can be easily installed between the OE connector and the accelerator pedal.
  • Is Sprint Booster certified for use in vehicles?
    Yes, Sprint Booster has passed TUV tests and holds European Conformity type approval, ensuring its compliance with safety and quality standards.
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Boulekos Dynamics Story


The company was founded in 1980 by Ioannis Boulekos who has been actively involved in automotive business since 1968. Originally, the company was dealing with importing used spare parts (front or rear car compartments) and their reselling in the Greek market.

In 2005, Boulekos Dynamic develops and introduces the ‘sprint booster’ product in the international market, aka an electronic device eliminating poor throttle response in cars equipped with electronic throttle system, achieving thus immediate car response to the driver’s commands. 

The year kicks off and so does our company extroversion towards the world marketplace by taking part in expositions abroad and in particular the ones in ESSEN MOTORSHOW, AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL, SEMA SHOW (pic.15 - pic.16)

Racedom-Boulekos Collaboration

For over a decade, Racedom and Boulekos Dynamics have partnered to deliver unparalleled pre-sale and post-sale service to our clients. Our collaboration extends beyond simply selling products globally; we are committed to assisting wholesalers and resellers with any issues or challenges they encounter.

Feel free to take advantage of our services. We are dedicated to being here for you whenever you need assistance.

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