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Boulekos Dynamics Story


The company was founded in 1980 by Ioannis Boulekos who has been actively involved in automotive business since 1968. Originally, the company was dealing with importing used spare parts (front or rear car compartments) and their reselling in the Greek market.

In 2005, Boulekos Dynamic develops and introduces the ‘sprint booster’ product in the international market, aka an electronic device eliminating poor throttle response in cars equipped with electronic throttle system, achieving thus immediate car response to the driver’s commands. 

The year kicks off and so does our company extroversion towards the world marketplace by taking part in expositions abroad and in particular the ones in ESSEN MOTORSHOW, AUTOSPORT INTERNATIONAL, SEMA SHOW (pic.15 - pic.16)

Racedom-Boulekos Collaboration

For over a decade, Racedom and Boulekos Dynamics have partnered to deliver unparalleled pre-sale and post-sale service to our clients. Our collaboration extends beyond simply selling products globally; we are committed to assisting wholesalers and resellers with any issues or challenges they encounter.

Feel free to take advantage of our services. We are dedicated to being here for you whenever you need assistance.

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